Steps To Make A Mosaic From Broken Tiles

Are you feeling creative? Are broken pieces of leftover ceramic just lying around in your house? Are you under budget and in need of materials that are inexpensive? Don’t fret. Creative tiles are for you! Creative tiles are pieces of ceramic, glass, and marble that can be assembled to create impressive and one of a kind mosaic art. The steps below guarantee hours of fun and creative thinking.

Here are the steps to make a mosaic from broken tiles:

Step 1:  Design

 You should start with the design concept. These are some types of design you can choose from:

  • Mediterranean Mosaic Design. Mediterranean mosaics are filled with wave and flower patterns, imitating the beauty of nature.
  • Egyptian Mosaic Design. Filled with images of Egyptian symbols, Egyptian mosaics are perfect for themed spaces.
  • Greek Mosaic Design. Perfect for the minimalist in you. Greek mosaics are known for their uniform snake-like patterns.
  • Arabic Mosaic Design. Famous for their star-like patterns, Arabic mosaics are designed to mimic the brilliance of the stars.
  • Creative Mosaic Design. Create any of your preferred images and patterns, let your imagination take the wheel!

Sketch your design idea on a piece of paper. It can be as simple or as intricate as you like. This will serve as your guide later.

Step 2: Materials

 Gather all leftover ceramic tiles, pieces of glass, sheets of marble, and other similar materials in your house. If you do not have any, you can head to your local craft store to pick up pieces of mosaic tiles for your project. You can break up large pieces into smaller ones by safely using a hammer. If you are dealing with glass, wrap it inside a cloth-like material before hammering it down. Make sure you have protective gloves on.

Step 3:  Preview

 Using the sketch in step one, gather all broken-up materials and place them over your design. This step will give you an idea as to how to the finish mosaic would look like. Play around with the colors and textures to achieve the perfect mosaic art.

Step 4: Positioning

 Take your broken-up pieces of mosaic tiles and position them inside a wooden frame. The wooden frame should look like an empty picture frame. Glue the pieces of tiles to form the design you sketched earlier. Once the tiles have set, pour cement over your work, making sure that the spaces in between the tiles are filled.

Step 5: Finishing Up

 Take a damp sponge and remove all traces of cement from the face of your broken tiles. Set aside to dry.


Congratulations! You have just finished the steps to make a mosaic from broken tiles. You now have your very own beautiful mosaic art!